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Kindle Tablet

Kindle Voyage E-Reader, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi and Includes Special Offers. The Voyage E-reader is crafted specifically for readers and includes that high resolution 300ppi display that even surpasses the MacBook Pro. The Kindle Voyage is the ‘runner-up’ when it comes to the best e-readers from Amazon, but it still packs a lot of fantastic features into this price bracket.

The angular, sleek design looks stylish and it is so thin and light that you can read comfortably one-handed for hours on end. PagePress utilizes a force sensor to react to very subtle pressure, enabling you to turn the page without even lifting a finger. An adaptive front light is a fantastic addition and provides the perfect brightness whether you’re trying to read during day or night. The brightness settings are automated and optimized, meaning you don’t have to constantly adjust the settings. If you happen to be reading in the dark, the Kindle Voyage will gradually dim the display, simulating the way your eyes naturally respond to the dark.

The Kindle Voyage E-Reader 6” is only 8mm thick and weighs a measly 6.3oz, and it is streamlined for your reading experience. With proprietary hardened glass and a resilient magnesium finish, you never feel like it is fragile. There is very little flex or give regarding the case, again giving it that durable impression. It is obvious that Amazon attempted to replicate the feel and look of traditional paperback books, and with the Kindle Voyage they have come as close as the possibly can.

With a battery life reportedly allowing 30 minutes of reading per day for a full 6 weeks before needing a recharge, and the ability to store thousands of books, the Voyage is an e-reader that is definitely worth the money.